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Rent & Save on Textbooks

Did you know that you can rent your textbooks from the USF Bookstore? Renting saves you over 50% of the new book price, and you can still highlight and write in it!

All you have to do is bring it back at the end of the term – we’ll even pay for return shipping if your not on-campus, or if you just don’t want to leave the house.

Visit the USF Bookstore online to get started.

Order your textbooks today!

After attending Orientation and registering for classes, ordering textbooks is easy! You can order them straight from OASIS.


Just select the “Student” tab, then click on “Reserve Your Textbooks” and follow the on-screen instructions. This takes out all of the leg work for ordering your books, making it quick and easy to order your books. All you have to figure out is if you want to pick them up in the store, or have them shipped to your house.

For more information, stop by the USF Bookstore next to the Marshall Student Center or visit